How to Consign with Déjà Vu

We always welcome new consigners!  And, of course, we love our existing consigners.  Throughout the year and as we move through the seasons, consigned items in the boutique are continuously changing.  So, we are always looking to our consigners to bring in fabulous items.

What is consignment?
Consignment shops like Déjà Vu provide consigners with a place to display and sell their merchandise.  The consignment shop decides what items are acceptable to sell and the prices.  After an item is sold, the consignment shop and the consigner split the proceeds.  If an item does not sell after a certain period of time, the consignment shop and the consigner agree on the outcome, which can be donation of the item or pick-up of the item by the consigner.

Why consign with Déjà Vu?
We make consignment easy and beneficial for our consigners.  For your convenience, no appointment is necessary to bring in items.  Anytime during business hours works for us!  If you are unsure for which season we are accepting items, feel free to contact us.  Under certain conditions, we will make arrangements to pick up items from consigners.  Our split with consigners is also more generous for the consigner than the industry standard.

General Guidelines to Consign with Déjà Vu
Items must be the sole property of the consigner and be washed or dry-cleaned and ready for display to sell.  We would like our customers to feel confident with their purchases, so we ask that consigners inspect their items carefully prior to bringing them in.

The consignment period is for the season or until management decides the items are no longer sellable.  Prices are set by management with the consigner’s desires considered, and prices may be reduced depending on the season, the length of time the merchandise is in the boutique and demand for the item.

We contact consigners when checks are available for pick-up for the previous month’s sales.  Consigner checks can also be used as store credit!

Consigners assume the responsibility for loss or damages to their merchandise by fire, theft, accident or any other cause.

We are a strong supporter of women’s causes, and items not accepted for consignment and unsold items that are not picked up by consigners are donated to women’s charities.

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about bringing in items.

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