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Infl (Infl) (Infl) 7 The root can consist of a compound root containing a noun root followed by verb root; however, compounds are not discussed here because a full treatment of compounding is beyond the scope of this grammar. g. Stankiewicz 1962, Anderson 1985, Spencer and Zwicky 1998 for general discussions of inflectional and derivational morphology): First, inflectional morphology is paradigmatic – every derived verb stem in BK forms a paradigm with suffixes that mark the inflectional categories listed in Table 2, with the exception of a few defective verbs.

The primary goal of this work is to provide detailed and accurate description of Betta Kurumba, one that will be a resource to linguists working in a wide range of fields. Therefore, this grammar is not clearly situated in any one theoretical framework, although it does draw upon some theoretical concepts in so far as these enable a clearer description of a particular phenomenon or set of phenomena in the language; thus, my discussion of phonology incorporates aspects of Generative Phonology (distinctive features, rule ordering) and Lexical Phonology (division in morphophonological levels).

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A grammar of Betta Kurumba by Gail Maria Coelho

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